World Renowned Parks In Kenya Are :

  • The Famous Maasai Mara - with the annual wildebeest migration  from the Serengeti Park in Tanzania to Maasai Mara in Kenya.
  • Lewa Conservancy - This is a fabulous well run  private conservancy with some of the best luxury camps and lodges in Kenya.
  • Sweetwaters Conservancy in Nanyuki.
  • Meru National Park - The lovely Elsa'e Kopje Lodge is located here.
  • Samburu Reserve - Diversities In Tribes and Culture, lovely topography, the rivers and the elephants , its very scenic.Great bird life for bird lovers.BIRD SAFARIS CAN BE ARRANGED ON REQUEST
  • Tsavo West And East - A vast expanse , some great camps and lodges, famous for Elephants and Lions.If anyone read the book (The Man Eating Lions Of Tsavo - you will get a true picture of this beautiful terrain).
  • Amboseli National Park - Some great views of Kilimanjaro, it borders Tanzania and ancestral land of the Maasai Tribe , Also famous for Elephants - belief has it , its also their ancestral home.