Booking  Terms And Conditions
1.  Prices are subject to change without prior notice 
2. All arrangements for bookings are to be paid for in full before departure commences.
3. Cancellation for confirmed bookings are to be made in writing via e-mail ,fax or postage. 
4. For cancellations a cancellation fee will be charged as per the required rules - for the particular lodges / hotels  concerned.- aprox.50%. less than one weeks notice - in low season  - and  100% in high season.
5. We do not accept cheques. 
6. Payments can be made by a Bank Draft, We accept Credit Cards ( Mastercard,Visa, JCB- 4% Levy Fee).Travellers Cheques with Passport /ID, Cash - Dollars / Pounds Sterling/ Kenya Shillings. 
7. In case of Refunds a refund voucher will be submitted. 
8. Game park fee to be paid directly $80.00 per pax (Non-Residents) per night.
9. All game park rules are to be followed very srtictly.Read carefully all rules at the camps and lodges. 

10. Drinks and other extra activities unless specified are not included and are to be paid directly .

Tour Alterations 

The right is reserved to change any route or arrangement should it be necessary, and to offer alternatives of equal value -  or to cancel any scheduled tour.The right is also reserved to 
decline any person as a  member of any tour at any time, should the person be the cause of any inconvenience or hazard to himself or other passengers. 

We do not undertake bookings for high risk adventure like Mountain Climbing, Baloon Safaris, Ocean Sports  And Others -  we can only recommend reputable companies who undertake such 
activities on the clients request but will not be held responsible or liable in the event of any accident,death  or injury caused in such eventuality. 
Release And Assumption Of Risk 
I am aware that travel in whatsoever manner whether in plane,automobile,boat or any other 
form of conveyance involves an element of risk - be it illness,injury or death. I am aware that such risks are present at any time during my holiday and I am participating under the arrangements of Merlin Travel Ltd and it's agents or associates.I am also aware that medical services may not be readily available or accessible during some or all of the time in which I am participating in my holiday.I hearby assume all risks of illness,injury or death,and hearby release and discharge Merlin Travel Ltd from all actions,claims,or demands for damages resulting from my participation  during my holiday. I agree that the foregoing obligation shall be binding on me personally as well  as upon my heirs,executors,and administrators,and all members of my family including any minors accompanying me or on behalf of my group accompanying me on 
this tour and I acting as the group leader. I am aware that this agreement is a release of liability and a contract between me or my group and Merlin Travel Ltd, and sign it of my free will.
Name And Signature Of Client Or Group Leader